【1.5分pk10_pk10走势_1.5分pk10走势】Rockets coach D'Antoni keeps calm on Houston's slow start

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WASHINGTON, Oct. 31 (Xinhua) -- After losing to the Portland Trail Blazers 104-85 on Tuesday, the Houston Rockets are now 1-5 in the new season, and head coach Mike D'Antoni criticized the team's performance, but believes Houston will get over it.

"Last year, we played well. Right now, we're playing like crap," D'Antoni said. "It's hard to explain sometimes. We lost our swagger. When you're desperate, it's good on defense because your hair should be on fire, but it's bad on offense."

"Offensively, we weren't calm and didn't have that poise and just didn't hit anything for a while."

Now the Rockets sit at bottom of the West Conference with the rebuilding Phoenix Suns. The woes might be continue for Houston as the team are still losing star guard James Harden, forward James Ennis and center Nene to injuries.

"I'll ask the analytical guys," D'Antoni said. "We'll figure it out. The sooner, the better. I'm down like everybody else, but I haven't lost my faith. I know we'll get this done. We've just got to get it going."